Three of The Top Promising Football Players in Britain


When it comes to Football in England, the last two years have been fantastic for the country. The age-group football teams have been showing promise, and some of the most active players have managed to come to the spotlight. The Under 19 European championships, in particular, has been a few promising players hailing from Britain. Britain has held the titles since 206 as well for the Under 20 and Under-17 World Cups. The youngsters have owned Even the prestigious Toulon tournament title. Te tops players from these age groups have been carefully watched to understand what their best capabilities are and how they would perform in the big leagues. Fifty-five players have been showing promise out an entire lot of youngsters in the teams. For players who show promise in a country, usually, only 20 players are watched closely. However, the teams in Britain are splendid and can bring forward more competition in choice players.

Marcus Rashford

The young 20-year olf Marcus Rashford is first on any list of promising players because of this fantastic skill set. As a young player, Rashford has already managed to win the FA Cup and the League Cup. This forward player is a needle in the haystack that Manchester United has picked up. Ever since his first play, Rashford has been known to have a natural talent for the sport, and his record has been impressive support as well. In the international scene of football, Rashford is a fresh newbie. As far as experience goes, he was picked up by the senior leagues even before he had a chance to play more than five age-group tournaments. He sure is a talented player that has much promise.

Dele Alli

This under 21 player is probably one of the best ones out of the lot. Several leagues have their eyes on him, and football fans are excited about this midfielder. He has made 129 appearances and scored over 41 goals with 15 assists in his short career in the bigs. Having played over 90 first tea games, he has moved to the Spurs and will easily pass 200 first team games before he even turns 22. Unlike other players from Britain, this guy is a different light to what we have witnessed so far. Alli has been a part of the PFA Young Player of the year, and he has managed to win the title for two seasons in a row as well.


Tayo Edun

Young Tayo Edun is a 19-year-old with promises of being a great player, the Young defensive Midfielder is from the Fulham club and holds several records for his club. He is a gem that has been hidden mainly due to his age and his slow climb up the ladder. In 2019 he has managed to become one of the most famous names that the world of Football has been talking about. His unique skill set of technical and defensive players skills is not standard in English players as well. His passing ability is plausible and one that the teams he plays with appreciate.