The Most Successful Teams in the History of English Football – Part 3


While Graham really should be regarded as an all-time great manager for Arsenal, the fact that he later assumed the role of Spurs manager hurt his legacy in that respect. There’s no doubt, however, that Arsene Wenger belongs in that bracket. His three titles in 19 years might not be as impressive as the likes of Ferguson’s accomplishments but when Wenger does win a title, he does so in a big way.

Two of Wenger’s three titles were part of league and cup doubles. The other was the first time that a club had remained unbeaten throughout a season since 1888=89 when Preston North End managed the feat. Plus there’s the fact Preston only played 22 games in that season, compared to Arsenal’s 38. To be fair, Preston did also win the Cup that season without conceding a single goal. They also won the title again the following year.

The next four

The next four teams on the list are Everton (9 titles), Aston Villa (7) And Chelsea and Sunderland (6). It was way back in 1891 when Everton won the title for the very first time. In fact, it was so long ago that they were the second club ever to win a title (after Preston).

Aston Villa were the first powerhouse of the English league. They were dominant in the 1880’s after the won most of their friendly matches. Fans were bored of watching friendlies, however, so William McGregor, one of the club’s board members, started a scheme that would later become the Football League (launched in 1888). Six years later, Villa won their first title and by the turn of the century, had won five. While they won a further title in 1910, they were forced to wait 71 going years for their next.

First great manager

Sunderland won their first title under manager Tom Watson. He was English football’s first great manager. He took on the mantle in 1889 at just 29 years of age. They beat the supposedly invincible Preston north End before taking care of Villa with a 7-2 scoreline. They were the very first team to be awarded with a place in the league and it wasn’t long before they made their way to the top. After a single season of acclimatising themselves to the league, they won three league titles in just four years. They won their last title all the way back in 1937.

Recent domination

Then, of course, there’s Chelsea- the team on this list who has won the title most recently. In fact, they’ve won it twice since any other team included here has managed to walk away with the league trophy. Five of their titles have been in recent times: three under Jose Mourinho, one under Carlo Ancelotti, and the other under Maurizio Sarri. Chelsea’s first win in 1955 was quite an accomplishment. Manager Ted Drake had transformed a side that was haunted by relegation into a team that knew how to put in the work. It was built on defence with such players as Ron Greenwood and Peter Sillett. Then there was cattle farmer Seamus O’Connell who scored an impressive seven goals in just 10 games.