The Best of The Worst Premier League Football Teams in History


The premier league also was known as the English premier league or EPL is the topmost level of the system for the English football league. As 20 clubs contest it, this level of EFL or English Football League works on a carefully placed system of promotion. In this level of football, all the players and member clubs act as major shareholders. A season in premier league football runs from August to May, with each club or team playing a total of 38 matches, against 19 teams, both home and away.

Premier League Football

English football league

This competition was formed in 20th February 1992 following the decision of clubs in First Division to move away from Football league. As the most-watched sports league in the world, the pressure is on for the teams who participate. The competition is said to be exceptionally high. In many cases, those who participate in the league go down in infamy and sometimes history. However, there are some cases where the teams who tried their best didn’t make it very far at all. Included in the list below are seven of the worst-performing teams in the history of the premier leagues.

Watford -1999/00

The Watford team of 1997 were a large part of the third tier of English football. However, two promotions and successfulness carried them to the grounds of the premier league. Unfortunately, during the games, their results weren’t what they expected. Due to Graham Taylor’s early-season victories against both Liverpool and Chelsea, the team believed that they could persevere and survive against the harshness and competition of the premier league. The team however learned about the real difficulty of the division through winning only six games during the entire season, out of 38 matches. Efficiently placing them in the lowest total ever recorded in the premier league at that time, with a total of only 24 points

Sunderland – 2016/17

The Sunderland Black cats are a well-known team in the EFL. However, they endured a horrid time during their hope to gain infamy through the EPL. Matching the Watford tally of 24 points, Sunderland was left to the bottom of the table in the season. Though they joined the premier league, they hadn’t gained their first victory until their game against Bournemouth in November. For this win they found themselves harboring a whopping 16 points for sheer survival.

Sunderland – 2002/03

Making for the worst teams in the history of the premier league for the second time on this list the 2002/03 period for Sunderland was horrible. According to the multitude of Sunderland fans, the season ended with a rather large scale of disappointment. Especially since their beloved team earned only four victories throughout the season. Due to the club’s continuing deterioration, the manager for the team Peter Reid was relieved of his duties and replaced with another. Unfortunately, he was also removed after a short five months. The team finished the season with a disappointing 19 points.