Controversies That Surround Wimbledon History


Tagged as a formal and the most old-fashioned affair in the world of sports, Wimbledon is one sport that follows a lot of traditions and strict rules, and this is exactly what sets the sport apart in comparison to other sports. However, controversy spares none. There have been a number of occasions where controversies have rocked even the famous Wimbledon.

The Greg Rusedski Outburst

The tennis fraternity considered Greg Rusedski a relaxed, cool and likable person. To contradict all these characters, the Canadian player brought out his raw side by unleashing a lot of anger in a match against Andy Roddick. When competing against Andy Roddick, a person from the crowd falsely shouted out “OUT”, following this, Roddick’s forehand shot moved toward Rusedski, though he returned the shot, he turned his back in an action to forfeit the point. The referee however didn’t make a call, and this angered Rusedski who went into a fit. The words he spoke were demeaning and foul-mouthed which led to him being fined.

The Tim Henman Event

Having a hill named after you is not a common happening. Tim Henman is one of the few to have accomplished this. Yes, he was a legend. But legends are human too, and this was proved when Jeremy Bates and Tim were disqualified in the Grand Slam. Missing a net point led to a fit of rage on Henman’s part, the ball was smashed hard which hit a ball girl. This led to the couple’s disqualification. The legend in him, however, showed up when he accepted his fault at a press conference and asked for forgiveness, nearly crying.

The Catsuit Clad Anne White

In the year 1985, the American player showed up in a horrible Spandex jumpsuit coordinating it with leg-warmers. Though it was all white, her opponent, Pam Shriver complained that it was a distracting outfit and that it needed to be changed. She also requested the officials to ban Anne White from wearing it again. However, Anne’s response was that it was “fashion and function”

Sexist Comments by Gilles Simon

The sexist comments by Gilles was the talk of the town when he mentioned that the more attractive among the two was the men’s games. He also added that men needed to be paid more as they could play longer periods. Female players were outraged by the comments and players like Maria Sharapova made sure they defended their game on the spot.

The Tennis Girl Poster

In a post promoting the “Powerful Posters” exhibition featured in the official Wimbledon Twitter account, a poster of model Fiona Butler was put up. She was only 18 when the image was clicked. This led to a frenzy among Twitterati’s as the image was a cheeky one with a reveling pose. Though the picture sold over 20 million copies globally, it was taken down as it was as controversial as ever and they claimed that it cannot be endorsed.

The Small Skirt Scandal

Tennis is known for its female stars donning skirts and shorts that are small and petite. The one adorned by Gussie Moran however was scandalous because of the way she wore her bloomers underneath. The bloomers were of the sexy ruffled variety and stunned the audience, shocking the onlookers.